Save screenshots on a different folder


How can I specify a different folder on where to save the screenshots?

I currently have this code for testing:

  "Command": "captureScreenshot",
  "Target": "/Users/user/Desktop/my_filename.png",
  "Value": ""

But it’s throwing this error during this execution:

[error]Line 1: Failed to write to '/Users/user/Desktop/my_filename.png

I’m using the latest Chrome version and Mac running Catalina.

Thank you!

I came across this old related forum topic but it did not solve my problem.

I use this feature and working perfect I have a folder where i save screenshots only and works

captureScreenshot save in default folder of ui vision rpa.

To use capturedesktopscreenshot you need installed xmodules.

Thanks for you reply! Are you using Mac as well?

I have tried the same for input/output files and it works but it doesn’t work for me when its screenshots. XModules is installed on my computer but I’m still getting the error.

I wonder if I need to do something else.

I use Windows, On Windows in the command I must add the complete path folder with image name but i do not know Mac.

I think the issue is the security of macOS Catalina. UIVision does not have write permission for the desktop folder by default. But if you use a subfolder of the /uivision home folder instead and it works fine:

Important: As for all direct file access, you need to be in hard-drive mode for this to work.