Save macro message return always Kantu Firefox

Hi @admin

When i open firefox and Kantu window (with hard drive mode) show always Untitled * macro to save.

I click discard but show again the same message.

I must save it, rename and after the message shop to return.

I add a photo

So to clarify:

  • If you select “Save” the dialog goes away

  • If you click “discard” the dialog appears again when you reopen Kantu?

What version of Firefox and Windows is this?

HI @admin

If i click save, i assign a name and the message go away.

If i click discard the message appears again continuously I’m obliged to click save to make it disappear.

I use firefox 67 and firefox ESR 60 with Windows 7 32 Bit In Italian

Old version of Kantu do not have this bug with kantu 5.1.9 and xmodules if have NO problem.

This should be fixed with V5.3.17