Save full html for a list of files


I’m trying to iterate over a list of urls in a csv file and for each url open the url, scroll to its end and then save it using ctrl-s.
Someone told me it should be simple to do with RPA but I can’t figure out. Any help will be appreicated (if needed willing to pay for it…)


Yes, that is easy. Have you seen the demo macros that come with UI Vision? Have a look at the DemoReadCSV macro.

To save a website use XTYPE | ${KEY_CTRL+KEY_S}


Thanks @Matt1 ! I’ve looked at the DemoCsvReadWithLoop demo (which I thought will do what I need) - but could not find a loop there, it seems to do just one iteration of one line. How can I tell it to iterate over all lines in file?

In this example the looping is done with the LOOP button:


Or you can add a loop inside the macro e. g. with times… end