Save contents to csv file

Hi everyone,
I should extract data from a website that sells DVD movies:
From this site I should be able to save the data eg: Protagonists, plot, director of the film and save them on csv file.
I have a csv file with all the titles of the films from which I should copy the data, the perfect job would be to be able to enter the line with the title of the film in the “search” field to start the search and then extract the data: Actor, plot, etc. . in a rica of the csv file. and then perform the operation again with the next line. is this possible? thank you all?

See Web Scraping with Selenium IDE and the csvSave command.

thank you very much for helping

I managed to do all the work, I have only one small problem, if it doesn’t find the title of the film, kantu writes the next line and on the csv not trosegnalazione of the problem. is it possible to insert a word es “no found” or a white line in the csv? so that when I go to check with the original csv I immediately give the missing lines. thank you

We have this on our todo list If storeText or storeValue fails because the locator is not available, they will (in the future) add at least a dummy value to the text, so that the columns in the CSV file do not shift.

What you can do now already is to check the value of !LastCommandOK, and - if false - add a value to!csvLine .

forgive my incompetence, but I did not understand what commands I have to enter, is it possible to have an example of the commands? thank you very much for helping