SAP GUI automation


I am familiar with the web automation using UI.Vision, now i am trying to automate SAP GUI.  Could someone help me how to login to GUI.  I tried using Xrun with the saplogon.exe path but I get an error that XFile is not installed.  Is there any prerequisite?


Did you install the xmodules yet? You need this native app for all “X…” commands.

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Hi Matt,
I have installed the Xmodules and just trying to play the Xrun command with target , saplogon.exe location but I get an error ‘Xfile not installed’. Is there anything I should do? and is it also possible to record the action on SAP Gui screens ?

Update: I downloaded the zip link and installed the file, looks it is not properly installed because when i check the settings, the xmodules tab shows not installed. Let me try…