Runweb to collect external information

I created a macro that must be constantly updated by the support and users running it from the runweb

On the screen there is a text field. And a button with the name of the collector that runs the macro via runweb, that macro must open a new tab enter a website to collect information and save in GLOBOL variable and close the tab that April and paste the variable in the text field.

The problem is that I can’t reload the user’s screen and running the macro through the runweb it doesn’t open the tab.

After running the macro can I delete it from the kantu bookmark?

My Macro
“Name”: “MacroRunWeb”,
“CreationDate”: “2020-2-17”,
“Commands”: [
“Command”: “selectWindow”,
“Target”: “TAB=OPEN”,
“Value”: “
“Command”: “storeText”,
“Target”: “xpath=//*[@id=“1373658”]/div/div/ul/li[4]/span[2]”,
“Command”: “echo”,
“Target”: “{GLOBAL_DOLAR}", "Value": "blue" }, { "Command": "selectWindow", "Target": "TAB=CLOSE", "Value": "" }, { "Command": "type", "Target": "name=script", "Value": "{GLOBAL_DOLAR}”

Can you maybe add a screencast? I do not understand that problem.

When clicked on the collect button, it opens a new tab in the browser enters the site collects information and pastes in the text field next to the button

Image 1, Macro execution button via runweb

After pasting the information into the text field it deletes the macro created by the runweb.
Image 2, remove the macro created by the runweb


You can do al this with ui vision only do not need to use this strange mode.

With ui vision you can extract, save and paste data in every site/software you want.

I do not know what you do, is strange delete macro, have no sense your request.

The analysts will generate the macro and make it available for users to execute and it may be that some macros may have secret information and therefore we would not like them to be on the users’ computers.

Your request have no sense, I don’t understand what you would like to do and why a new macro is created, delete it with a batch file and solve but your request does not make any sense because ui vision does not create macros by itself.

Hi, just to clarify: So you are using the methods described here:

And the problem is that the macro is not deleted after it is run? Or is the issue something else?

@newuserkantu Using UI Vision does create macros by itself :wink:

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Thanks @admin for information

I’m using the runweb

The ability to run embedded macros from a website allows for the easy distribution of macros to users. Currently what happens is this:

  1. Embedded Javascript connects to UI Vision and send the macro JSON from inside the website to UI.Vision.

  2. UI.Vision stores the macro (from the website) as normal macro

  3. UI.Vision runs the macro

And then, the macro remains as normal macro in the macro list.

@thiagunix Can I ask why the macro should be deleted after use? What is the use case for this feature?


Some macros must access sites with login and password and the user should not have access to this information or even run the macro later without the need.


I do not use runweb but you can try if in this mode is available this feature to protect password.

I had thought of that too.

Ideally, the user should not be able to see the macro afterwards.
But if I can’t delete the macro, I’ll encrypt the password


I don’t know if you can directly delete the macro (I think it can not be done yet). But you can overwrite the macro with a new macro (e. g. a dummy basic macro ). Embedded macros have a name. And if you run a second macro with the same name, the first one gets overwritten (=deleted)! Or you simply give all your macros the same name :wink:

Thank you is a great idea.

For now I will do so until another idea.