Runtime doubled since new update (desktop creen capture)

Yesterday I tried to install the desktop screen capture. It looks like it hadn’t worke, because the status is “not installed”. I retried installing but again the status is “not installed”. Already deinstalled and did the installation new, same problem.
The biggest problem with that is that the runtime of my macro has nearly doubled. My mostly used macro was running about 21 seconds before I tried to install the screen capture feature, now it lasts about 40 seconds. Any idea?

The new screen capture is “only” for creating screenshots during macro building, it should not influence the macro runtime. => Can you please add a screencast of the problem?

Ok, then it seems that the normal update yesterday made my macro slower. It always waites some seconds before clicking now (with xclick), doesn’t changed anything in the macro.

Already wanted to downgrade to the older version, but don’t know how to install xmodules then. Found the manual but don’t know where I can find the json files I have to edit. If I download the older xmodules version I get a .exe file, how should I modify the json files with this .exe file?

If you want to downgrade, I highly recommend to use Firefox, installing the XPI is easier than using a manually installed Chrome extension.

But for the slow down: Does every macro runs slower? That sounds strange.

I only use this one macro to be honest. I have to use chrome for my purpose, can’t use firefox. Could you please explain where to find the files (for xmodules) that I have to modify for the chrome downgrade?

Just recognized that the problem is with the xclick command. Before the update the clicks were made nearly instantly, now it always waits a few seconds until it make the click.

Tested now with my old laptop, here it works fine also with the new version. But I didn’t downloaded the new xmodules version, the problem therefore must be the new version of xmodules.

I do not think the new XModules cause any slow down, but you can test this by installing the previous XModule tools V2020 from here.

Already tried to but I have to modify the files to be able to install an older version of xmodule, correct? And I don’t know how I get this .json files from the exe file.

The XModules are separate from the extension, you don’t have to modify anything. The previous versions are here:

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