Running macros with Kantu permanently minimized?

I didn’t find an option to start Kantu permanently minimized, not showing the Kantu macros IDE at all while processing a macro.

Have the following Scenario:
From the active browser (FF or Chrome) tab I’m scanning some items of the page with a Kantu macro started from a bookmarklet. The results gets added to the !CLIPBOARD, which in general is working fine.

How could I prevent the Kantu Window showing up?

Beside this, how could I signal the user about the finished macro, for example via a pop-up message?

Thanks a lot,


You can not avoid Kantu to show up at all as we still need Kantu itself to be open for technical reasons. But you can hide with the bringBrowserToForeground command. As the same suggests, this brings the Chrome or Firefox Browser to the foreground, so the Kantu window is hidden (by the browser) and does not block the view on the website.

Yes! We have a nice feature for this. You can enhance the echo command with #shownotification. This displays a notification window. Below a screenshot on how this looks on Windows (works the same on Mac/Linux, just the dialog looks a bit different. It is generated by the browser itself).

echo | hello! | #shownotification

Hi Admin,

is a good workaround so far, thanks! No chances for “start kantu minimized” or “minimize Kantu” once started?

And of course I missed the detail of echo | ... | #shownotification, thanks a lot for pointing me to that, works like a charm!

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There a very good chances for this. It is on our todo list for future updates :slight_smile:

Perfect, thanks a lot!

Hello there, Any update with this feature request? I am using this for desktop application and so browser windows is something that I would love to hide altogether as much as possible.

Thank you