Running Kantu from Command Line opens a Chrome tab that doesn't go away

Hi everyone,

Is it a standard behavior that Kantu when ran from command line opens a tab in Chrome that doesn’t close automatically once Kantu starts up? The tab just says “Starting Browser and UI.Vision” and remains there, which pretty much blocks the tab I want my macro’s UI vision to read.

I’m starting Kantu and the macro from Powershell because I want to loop the macro indefinitely. So currently I have tab=close at the beginning of the macro to close that starting tab, but it isn’t reliable and sometimes it doesn’t close, which means my macro gets stuck.

So if this tab would automatically close right after Kantu starts up would be top!

Hi, to debug this can you please log the current tab number when starting the macro? If the tab closing fails, is there anything different (different tab number)?

To log the current tab number, use add this line:

      "Command": "echo",
      "Target": "tab=${!current_tab_number}, relative=${!current_tab_number_relative}",
      "Value": "green",
      "Description": ""