Run UI Vision Macro automatically (when website is opened)

Hi! I am just starting to use UI Vision right now. I want to execute certain macros on certain websites automatically (like clicking a login button)
Therefore I need to start a Macro automatically right after a certain website is opened. But I did not understand how to do that and I could not find help on the internet yet.

Any help/suggestions appreciated!
Best, Till

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UIVision does not “listen” to the website that is open. Only running macros can do this.

Workaround idea: It might be easier to run macros from bookmarks - this way you can run the macro with only one click without opening the IDE.


You can create a macro with a loop that check url, if condition is true you run a sub macro with commands.

Ok thanks for the insight! I just changed this threads topic to “Feature Suggestion”, because I really think that an addition of this feature would be very useful for many.

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