Run UI VISION in the background

Is it possible to RUN UI Vision when we are running another application as a full screen?
I’m asking this to guarantee that UI VISION keeps working while I use the computer with other stuff…

Also, I ask if I can run a macro on a selected tab on chrome, and at the same time use another tab for doing something else.

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If you use the Xclick/XType/Xmove commands you must not use the mouse and keyboard and you must leave the browser window with ui vision in front while working because this type of command controls the mouse and keyboard and if you use them you interfere with the macros.
For the standard commands (commands don’t require xmodules installed) instead you can use the computer while ui vision works.
When ui vision works you can’t use other browser tabs because ui vision works in the active tab and if you change it to do something else ui vision will try to work in the new tab.
The ideal thing is not to use X commands and start ui vision in the foreground and then open another software in front of it or use ui vision in a virtual machine to prevent it from interfering with the work of the pc

You can launch your macro in Firefox with -headless, and it will run completely in the background, make sure you give it its own -P proile as well.