Run multiple macros one after the other


I would like to know if with Kantu it is possible to start several macros consecutively one after the other starting them from another macro.

A function similar to that of Imacros where various macro iim can be called via javascript

Example on Imacros

iimPlay (“macro1”);
iimPlay ( “macro2”);
iimPlay ( “macro3”);

There is something similar in Kantu so that you can reuse macros already created and start them in sequences.

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You can use the test suite feature for this.

Or use the command line API if you want to call the macros from a script. here is a powershell scirpt that runs two macros after another.

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Thanks for reply

Now i read the pages

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An easier option that I use is to have a main macro execute another or multiple macros by simply using the run command:

run ‘macro1’
run ‘macro3’

Each macro will run and when complete the next will run.
Also see:

Run command have several bugs when you use variable inside, i do not use run command from long time.

If you search in the forum you can find numerous cases of bug with run command.

I run macro with batch file that do not create conflicts with the variables.

Thanks for the info. I’m on v5.2.3 and don’t have variables, just ‘run’ and the desired macro and haven’t had any issues. I’ll report back if I encounter anything.

In the past I spltted my macro in some parts and runned it with run command and i have more error usually when i shared the variables in different part of macro.

I reported in the forum but the problem never solved

Here my post

After update the problem is the same never solved.

Now i create a simple batch file with a folder test suite with all macro to run and it run one after one without any problem.