Run automation on a static webpage on the harddrive

Is there a way to run a macro against a static webpage on the harddrive? If I specify:
Command: open
Target: file:///[filepath]

The page opens correctly. But the open command hangs until it times out. Sometimes the error specifies that there was no page load event, sometimes it just times out. The webpage was built using the chrome “save webpage complete” so theoretically the page should have everything it needs to run. I’m a noob so apologies if I’ve posted in the wrong place.

Yes there is not problem to create automation of a saved html page, i use to set it home page in my browser and when i start ui vision it works in this page saved in my hard drive.

Load a non online web page with standard selenium command i think is not possible.

You can try with desktop automation but it’s very hard to create this macro.