Run a macro when a certain URL is loaded

Is it possible to run a specific macro when a certain page is loaded?
More details:
I have a chrome extension that opens a specific link automatically passed on a certain criteria I have selected. I want UI.Vision to run a specific macro automatically when this page is opened. Is this possible? If it is, please give me some leads to follow.

Yes you can need a simple loop with an if_v2 to check url in browser, when condition is true macro continue with commands

Study docs and you can create this automation

Ui vision can do more and more other works, this is very simple

Thanks for your reply. But I tried checking the docs and searching examples of “if_v2”, but since I don’t have any programming background, it couldn’t help. So, if you are willing to help further, let’s assume that:
1- the url is “
2- the macro to be executed when the page loads is to click on “request info” button on the page.

How can I make a macro that automatically executes the macro in step 2 when the url is loaded automatically as well.

Ui vision need to know the command, is not possible to create automation without studying the docs.

I study from 2 years this software and now i can create every automation.

There is not a free custom creation service of macro in the forum.