RPA to help with research on how Covid-19 will impact companies

Currently, I am a PhD student and work on research of how Covid-19 will impacts the companies and how firms are responding to the event. For that reason, part of my data collection require me to go to each of the firm websites and save the web page where they discuss about Covid-19 and the Corona virus. In my past experience using UI Vision RPA, the free license that your team offer to every user was sufficient for my task. However, for this current task, I notice that I will have to use to use a few Xtypes and Xclick functions to help collect the data, and there is a limit of 25 Xypes/Xclicks that I can use per time. Thus, I was not able to collect the data I need for the research purpose.

I am posting this to see if there is any way you can help me in this issue. Below are some ideas that I am thinking of:

1/ If possible, can your team offer any special pricing for educational/researching purpose?
2/ If possible, is there a way that your team can help me just to remove the 25 Xclicks/Xtypes limitation?
3/ If this help, I will not need to use the priority support that PRO users have.

I sincerely apologize if my questions/asking above make me sounds entitled. Please understand that I am, with my whole heart, appreciate the work that your team has done. And as a PhD student, I also understand about all the hard work and dedication needed to turn an idea to a project then to a reality. I really love your team software and I am working on getting it introduce to my department my business school. I want the school to know and adopt the software since it would save them hundreds of hours of manual data collection.

Anyway, Please let me know what do you think about my questions above.


Hi, this sounds like a very interesting project! Please email us at team AT ui.vision to discuss.

I have received your email and the free Pro license.

I sincerely appreciate your team help in this research and I would also acknowledge your software (UI Vision) used in the research paper. If this research go well, I hope my university will soon adopt your software for future usage.

Once again, I thank your team for your support!