RPA license question

The description says that licenses are one time purchases that include free upgrades and support for a year. Does that mean that after a year you no longer get support, but you do get updates, or that updates and support are both cancelled after a year?

The RPA pricing is as follows:

The Personal, PRO and Enterprise licenses are a one time purchase – it is not a subscription-based service (like for example UIPath and many others). You purchase and own the software.

The license fee includes free upgrades and tech support for a year (called “Upgrade Assurance”). You can purchase additional years of free updates/upgrades and tech support for 25% of the license fee at any time.

But even if you do not purchase the Upgrade Assurance, the software never “expires” or anything like this. Without Upgrade Assurance you would simply not get newer updates and the premium support expires. But the forum based support remains of course available.