RPA for Microsoft Edge

Is a Kantu version for Microsoft Edge available or planned?

The Microsoft Edge extension API is still pretty basic and does not yet support extensions like Kantu. Once it does, we will make Kantu available for Edge, too.

I found UI Vision RPA in Microsoft Store. So, UI Vision is doing exactly what they said!

I was not able to get the extension with error of “network error”. So, I suspect that UI.Vision RPA maybe is not ready for installation into Microsoft Edge just yet?

By the way, I have been using UI Vision RPA in Opera Browser. I have to install an extension called “Install Chrome Extensions”, first. That allows installing many Chrome extensions in Opera, including UI Vision RPA. So I think UI Vision could check it out and maybe list Opera as one of the browsers that can use UI Vision RPA, whether supported or not. UI Vision RPA has been working great for me in Opera.

Anyway, seeing that Edge is available now or soon for Edge made me happy.

I guess it was indeed some kind of “network error”. I tried a little later and installed in Edge without a problem. I look forward to trying out UI Vision RPA in Edge.

I was not able to get the Xmodules installed for Edge. Cannot access disk. Cannot set path for disk. TestIt still shows “not installed”.

I see that you discovered the UI.Vision RPA software for Edge before we officially announced it :smiley:

Today we released the XModules V202002 installer with full support for Microsoft Edge for Windows. Everything works now with this version.

The XModule installer for Edge for Mac is not available yet. If you need it, please contact us for an internal beta version.

I assume you were using the original edge, not the new chromium based edge?


Who use xmodules V202001 for Windows with browser Firefox or Chrome must be upgrade to xmodules V202002 ?

Have new features xmodules V202002 ?

I do not use edge but i need to know if this xmodules have new feature for Firefox and Chrome too on OS windows.


Have new features xmodules V202002 ?

No new features. You do not need to upgrade. The only difference between V202001 and V202002 is that V202002 contains the new extension IDs for UI.Vision RPA for Edge, Copyfish for Edge and Colorfish for Edge. The new IDs are required for the XModules to connect to Edge Chromium.

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