Right click and no option is there

right click on the page text / link and options should be there for the user. Currently i am not able to find it in Kantu. BUT is available in Selenium


Hope it would be in your to do list.

This is feature is not yet available in Kantu, but it is on our todo list.

Thanks for the info.


any news? 9 months since the last replay is a long time for so a important feature … :slight_smile:


Our todo list is very long :wink: We had no time for this feature yet, it will probably be bundled together with the upcoming UI refresh.

Please note that if you mean automating right-clicks, this can already be done with XClick.

No, i mean the right click from the context menu … i know no other selenium clone who is not working with this important feature.

Sounds good … is there any time line for it?