Restart macro in progress

Is it possible to restart a macro in progress?

When I try to run a macro that is already in progress the following message appears:


Is it possible to send a stop in the macro in progress by javascript, and then run it again?

This is an interesting question. Can I ask why you need to stop the currently running macro?

Good Evening!

I’m developing an automation to update tickets. The user should enter only the ticket number and automation runs every 10 minutes.

However, when the user reports a new ticket, I did not want him to need to enter Kantu, click stop, and then start again. My idea was for the user to run the Macro Kantu (javascript) bookmark, and then macro execution would go back to the beginning.

Ok, just to make sure I understood it correctly:

  • Kantu is currently running with macro A (triggered by your automation)

  • While Kantu runs, user clicks on a bookmark Kantu link to start macro B.

  • If this happens, currently Kantu shows an error message, because macro A is still running. But you would prefer if macro A is stopped, and macro B starts?

Exactly. But using the same macro. When the user clicks on the bookmark, I would like macro A to be interrupted and restarted.

We discussed this, and all think this is a good idea. We can add a flag to the Kantu bookmarks that tells Kantu to stop whatever it does currently and run the new bookmark (which can, of course, be also the same bookmark again).

It will work then just as the other flags storageMode and closeKantu that the bookmark scriptlet already has.

I have added this feature to our todo list. Just note that it might take some weeks before the new flag shows up in the released version, as our todo list is quite long currently. (If you have a Kantu Enterprise License with priority support please let me know, I could then push the ticket to the top of the queue).

Great thanks a lot!!!