[Resolved by my own hihi] Use XClick an put text in the field

Hello :slight_smile:
Thank you soooo much for your Tool :slight_smile: so NICE ! I’ve used iMacro very long time ago and UI.Vision is much more PERFECT! Thank you again.
I used Xclick in order to click on the field. It’s a field in a form which the ID changes every refresh.
And I would like to put some text in it but I don’t find how.
If I put a value in the “Xclick line” it doesnt work. Error log message is:
[error] XClick: invalid value, ‘fed’

Could someone told me how can I put text in this field please ?
Thank you very much

Ok the solution is :
XType, target:my text.

Thank to the author of the youtube video with Discord messages :slight_smile: