Required to Open the Browser with Run as Different users

HI Team,

I have required to open the Browser with ‘Run as Different users’, because in our Environment we have More application with SSO login, So we only need to open the browser with that particular user credential.Could you help me an solution for this?

Also let me know shall we able to execute the .bat files , because if this possible then i will write an batch command to open the browser with that specific credential.


Is this a Kantu or SeeShell question? If Kantu: Kantu runs inside Chrome, so it runs as the same user as Chrome. Here is how you run Chrome as a different user:

If SeeShell: You can use, for example, the task scheduler.

Hi Admin,

Please find the full details about the issue and the requirement and kindly suggest with tools is suitable for this to proceed.

  1. We have Multiple applications (HTTP/HTTPS) and mostly of the application have SSO enabled (eg. the application will directly login with specific id (user1/user2…etc) ).The application will be launching fine with that related users id. (note : the users credential will given at the time of opening browser).
  2. Due to Security concern we have our own users id (user00) to login to the systems. The issue is here, we used to login to system with ‘user00’ and try to open browser it will open with ‘user00’ but the browser will required to open with ‘user1’ so that the application 1 will lauch. So how to replicate this with kantu while recording?.
    3.Also how to pass the Argument as ‘opening browser with RUN as different users’ while recording with kantu.

Kindly help us to suggest on this.