Replay an action

I would like to create a macro to click a button withion a webpage to refresh the data on the page every 5 minutes. UI Vision seems to refresh the page very well but I ho can I get it too repeate the action every 5 minutes? If I use the refresh function it loads the who page again.


You can with loop or while function.

select Play Loops dropdown in UI.Vision.Kentu

I have done that thanks. Do you know how to change how often it loops? I would like to set it to wait 5 minutes before it loops again. Have tried Pause function but it does not resat again.

At last line of loop add pause command before restart loop

PAUSE 30000

30000 = 300 seconds (5 min)

Thanks Newuser, when I have added the pause function in I run the macro on Play Loop but when it gets to the pause line it shows paused but does not start the macro to loop again. Any ideas?