Replay a macro and save last response

Hello, I’m trying to use RPA to check updates on a web site.
What I need to check is if a particular JSON response has changed since the last check.
To get to that JSON, I need a sequence of steps, starting from login and with a few navigation steps.

I recorded the macro and I am able to reply it, but I don’t know how to save the last response (the JSON).
Next I wolud like to understand if RPA can check the latest online JSON with the last saved one.

Thank you!

Hi, how do you get the JSON? Is it just displayed in the browser like with this ocr api call?

Well, no: it is used by the page to show a sort of calendar. Can I work on the resulting page?

So the JSON is only “inside the web page” and not visibly displayed anywhere?

Do you have a link to the website, or a similar one?

Two ideas:

  • If the data is in the page source code, use sourceExtract

  • If the data is “in the Javascript”, try to get it with some Javascript that you run in ExecuteScript

No, the JSON cames alone with a single HTTP Get Request triggered by some JS (I suppose). It has no parameters, so I understand the web site uses my user context to know what to send me.

I can’t think of anything similar without signing up, but using Chrome dev tools (or Fiddler) you’ll see just what I described above.

I recorded the macro and it replays up to the page I need and it gets loaded. Well, I don’t need to check che JSON necessarily, I could check the resulting HTML, but I don’t know how to do this: what should I add at the end of the macro?

Thank you!

Any idea?
As I said, the json comes from a request, but it is rendered in a sort of calendar