RepeatIf and While statements

Hello I am new to the software and I’m having a hard time finding the information I need for this.
I want to verify if image = true, using image search or image verify.
95% of the time the image is false.
And once in awhile the image is true.
If I use the repeatif loop, I find it is too slow to execute my script, even with reducing the loop time to 1. I’d like the script to automate within less than 0.5 seconds, near instant preferably.
Now I’m trying to figure out the proper “while” script now.
Can somebody guide me on this? Or maybe send me to a link within these forums

Hi, can you please post a screenshot of the situation (ideally one with the image present, and one without the image)? Then it will be easier to suggest a solution.

The first picture is the screenshot of my accounting software “Xero”.
The second screenshot, is after I click the “print pdf” button, I want ui vision to click save, open my downloads, then print 2 copies automatically as soon as the second image has become true

@Plankton. Do you see the screenshot in the above message?