Reload all resource from cmd line without invoking browser again

Hi All,

Is there a way for reloading the resource from cmd line without invoking the browser again i.e I don’t want to run following command

start chrome “file:///C:/temp/uivision/SCRIPTS/“My_Automation/Test”&closeRPA=1&closeBrowser=0&savelog=MP_TestLog.txt”

any pointers is much appreciated.


Just to clarify: Is the goal to run a macro in an already opened browser?

yes, my aim is to run new macro in already opened browser.

With firefox portable and some setting (file .ini of firefox) it’s possibile, every time you run cmd with firefox already opened it executed macro in new tab and not reopen new firefox instance.

That is no problem. If you use closeBrower=false the brower does not close after the macro is completed. Then the next command line call gets executed in the same browser and the same tab. This works the same for all browsers supported by the RPA software (Firefox, Chrome, Edge).

Hi Ulrich,
thanks for your suggestion. yes, it is reloading but i observed that it is not executing automatically. I need to execute it manually. Is there a way it can be handled.


I use a batch file to do this in automatically

I setted my batch file to run at starting of my machine, it start all macro in automatically (run a test suite folder).

I need only to start my machine.