Regex Expression / Regular Expression - recognising strings of characters to click on


I have now found a solution to this, but I would be super keen to hear how we can use Regex expressions to recognize text, as all the strings I have tried don’t seem to work.

This is the regex expression I am using: [1]{3}[0-9]{4}$

I saw this on your forum and I would love to get access to this if it is not already released. I am trying to recognize strings of NHIs (national health identifiers) e.g. “NHI1211” or “NHI2222”

Option 3: Use regular expression to extract text (available soon, contact us for early beta access))

Another method is regex=(regular expression). The regular expression is applied to the OCR result of the complete active screenshot area, and the match(es) are returned. Conceptually the OCRExtract | regex=… command works just as sourceExtract | regex=… . The key difference is that OCRExtract regex works on the OCR text result, and the source Search regex works on the HTML page source code. So the “only” difference is the input, the regular expression logic is the same.

I would appreciate any assistance, on this.

Additionally, I have created a line OCRExtractbyTextRelative, with a target picture which has the green and pink boxes included. I am still unable to get it to recognise anything: Line 19: Wrong input

  1. a-zA-Z ↩︎

Hi, you can use all kinds of regular expressions with/inside the executeScript_Sandbox command.

Is this in Beta?

We recently bought some enterprise xmodule licenses and I was curious about having access to this feature.

I had side questions as well but the Contact the Ui.Vision Team (Sales and Support)

wasn’t working.