[Recreator Required] Ui vision open multiple tabs on firefox all ui vision version in all firefox version from 1 year bug

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Firefox all version and Ui vision all version Windows 7 - 32 and 64 bit

Hi i wait from 1 year a fix of this bug but never is solved.

This bug in in all ui vision version and in all firefox version and seem random.

I added a screencast to show the bug.

Today ui vision when i open a tab open 5 tabs, see the video please.

Somedays can open 2-3 tabs, sometimes 10 tabs too.

The only temporary solution to solve is, close firefox and reopen but after sometimes this bug can return i have this bug from 1 year in all ui vision version and in all firefox version.

If i do not close firefox for all day ui vision open always 5 tabs every TAB=OPEN command

Macro code

  "Name": "Open_New_Tab",
  "CreationDate": "2019-12-10",
  "Commands": [
      "Command": "bringBrowserToForeground",
      "Target": "",
      "Value": ""
      "Command": "selectWindow",
      "Target": "TAB=OPEN",
      "Value": "https://www.google.com"

Can you please retest with UI.Vision V5.3.7? This issue should be fixed meanwhile.

I have already tested ui vision 5.3.7 with another firefox version at 64 bit in another machine and i have the same problem.

This bug is in all ui vision version for firefox, i have this random bug from 1 year.

I disabled all estension too to try and sometimes ui vision continue to open multiple tabs.

The strange thing is that if ui vision opens 3-4 tabs it will continue to do so until we delete the cookies and cache and we close firefox and it reopens. The problem is random, it occurs suddenly and not always.

I tested and can not recreate it => The challenge here is one again to recreate the issue so we can debug it. If you want, I can give you remote access to a Windows or Ubuntu test machine, so you can try to recreate the error there.


I tried with Windows 7 in Italian 32 and 64 bit with firefox and i have always the same problem.

Even today I can’t understand this problem from what is caused, I also suspect that it may be the quantum engine of firefox or an extension installed but the problem occurs randomly and I can’t understand what is precisely determined.

If you can configure a machine with internet connection, with windows 7 where I can install firefox portable (some versions) and ui vision (some versions) and xmodules (some versions) I can test to recreate this event.

I hope it can be solved because it prevents me from working this bug.


@admin @TechSupport

Need fix please.

Here the video with the bug on latest ui vision addon 5.3.7 for firefox all version of ui vision have this bug from 1 year.

This time I used firefox new installation, without any addons installed and latest ui vision addon, there are nothing to do ui vision is incompatible with firefox in all version I search a solution from 1 year and this bug is present in all ui vision version for firefox from 1 year.

@admin @TechSupport

Here another user with a similar problem not solved

Fix this bug of multiple tab and windows opened by ui vision please

I’ve done numerous tests to understand this problem.

This issue only occurs with some versions of firefox.

I am currently using firefox esr 60 (FirefoxPortableESR_60.9.0_Italian.paf.exe) with xmodules 201905 and this issue never occurs.

I started a batch file that opens and closes firefox hundreds of times and has never occurred.

Unlike firefox 68.3.0esr (64-bit) the problem occurs randomly when I run the selectWindow tab-open command and sometimes even opens 2-3 tabs with the same site loaded.

The strange thing is that when firefox has this defect it continues throughout the day, every time I run the command selectWindow tab-open will continue to open more tabs together.

Here are the versions of firefox I used


@newuserkantu If you think you can recreate this tab issue on our test system, please email us and we can give you access to the test system.

We always use the latest Firefox version for QA (currently V71.0).

Firefox Firefox 68.3.0esr (64 bit) is the latest and in this version there is this multiple tabs opened bug.

I tried firefox 70 too with the same result.

I have tried in several computers and always known this problem with all the latest versions of firefox, while the only version without this problem is firefox esr 60.

The problem occurs only by using the selectWindow tab-open command and sometimes starting firefox via batch file

I tested again with “DemoTabs” and all works fine. If you think you can recreate this tab issue on our test system (e.g. Win 10 + Firefox 71), please email us at team AT ui.vision and we can give you access to the test system.

Hi reproduced this bug in virtual machine with firefox portable and with firefox installed (version 71).

I saved the video in dekstop or virtual macchine there are the name with the bug recorder, open it with vlc please.

Check this bug with the utmost care because it is very serious and prevents to automating without error, thanks.

Hi i saved videos with bugs in desktop ov virtual machine can you see it please.

I reproduced some bug with firefox portable and with firefox installed.

See the video with vlc please.


@admin @TechSupport

Any news ?

I have this bug in all ui vision version , i recorded videos in virtual machine with the bug in firefox but support do not respond and do not solve this bug.


First, thanks again for this very useful work.

We are currently a bit backlogged with some other tricky issues and bugs (for example the “XModule not installed” issue).

Once these are resolved, we will turn our attention to the “tab issue” and the other issues you mentioned.

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Thanks admin, next days I’ll try to reproduce other bug in virtual machine.

In some test in my pc after I run a macro via command line batch file firefox and ui vision, after macro finish firefox remain stucked, i will try to reproduce it in virtual machine.

Next days i try to reproduce it and inform you.

Thanks again

Update: @newuserkantu recreated the issue on our QA machine, and we could fix the issue with V5.3.17 :slight_smile:

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