[Recreator required] Run macro via bookmarks open multiple kantu windows



I tryed to run a macro via bookmarks but it open multiple kantu windows with list of commands.

Why open multiple kantu windows when i run macro via bookmarks ?


List of open bugs

Can you please add a screencast for this issue? I am not sure I fully understand the problem.


Hi @admin

I think depend from the open command inside the macro that open multiple tabs random.

It’s very hard to understand this bug because open a random number of tabs (command open).


A screencast would be really good to have.


I opened another post and i added some images.

I have not a screencast software installed, but i opened another post and add the images.

This bug I noticed only with firefox 66 and later, now I use firefox ESR 60 and the problem does not manifest itself


A good and free screencast software is e. g. Loom :wink:


Hi @admin

I use firefox and I didn’t find any good program to do screencasts, all the ones I’ve tried don’t work well or are paid, to date I haven’t found anything good to do screencasts.

Here you can find the images of the bugs

Another case from another user

it’s true this bugs to me appears with firefox 66.0.3 portable edition, to the user instead with Chrome.


Should be solved with V5.0