[Recreator Required] Opening Two Kantus - [...] listener must return true [..]


First at all, my english is a work in progress … I’m sorry.

We have a VNC linux server which runs some sessions of Google Chrome with Kantu automation. That server starts a bash script with commands like that:
your wallboard -c ‘vncserver: 10 -geometry 1920x1080 -depth 24 -dpi 96’ &
su wallboard -c ‘google-chrome --incognito --start-fullscreen --display =: 10 “file: ////home/wallboard/Automation.html? direct = 1 & close = 1”’ &

When the Chrome is called and the kantu starts some problems are happening. The pic bellow shows two kantus which are opening automatically, but we called this just once (in command above). In addition, the chrome shows this message:
“[kantu] The chrome.runtime.onMessage listener must return true if you want to send a response after the listener returns (message was sent by ).”

Now, we’re using the version 5.0.8 and i wasn’t succedd to downgrad the version (difficulties to install XModules, but it’s not the case).

To be clear, the script sleeps between the sessions commands, just to wait for the before process finish. But, of course, each session starts with different user / environment.

Someone can help us?

Thank you !! Regards.

Interesting issue. So to clarify: One command line call opens one browser but two Kantu start?

If you test the macro by being directly logged into the server, does it work then?

Exactly Ulrich. One command/browser, two Kantus

Opening browser and kantu manually, and then executing the macro, everything works like a charm.