[Recreator Required] Kantu dying on long page

On a search results page that displays, say, 200+ items, each wrapped in a container DIV, Kantu will run progressively slower until, at around item 160, the following message will start to appear:

[warning] Web page connection issue. Retrying last command.

After some time, it may continue for another 1 or 3 items, repeat the same warning message before eventually dying completely with the error:

[error] lost background heart beat when running command

Related question
Is there an efficient way to iterate through page elements?

The search results on this page can be any length (1000+ items).

My script moves to each item’s parent DIV, grabs information from nested elements inside, and then increments +1 to the next parent DIV. I’m using xpaths for this task.

What’s the recommended practice for Kantu, xpaths or querySelectors?

It’s very difficult work with Kantu because it continue stucked and fails.

After severals months i do not find any solution, sorry

Do you have a test page for us?