Recorded macro download link not working

I have a macro in Chrome working in UI Vision v6.3.3 but does not work in v8.1.23. It goes through the motions of downloading without any download happening.

The macro code is:

      "Command": "click",
      "Target": "linkText=Excel SpreadSheet",
      "Value": "",
      "Description": ""

It looks like it goes through with the download but nothing happens:
2022-12-07 12_25_18-Application Status by Job Open-1

This is what is clicked with the inspect element information:

As long as v6.3.3 works, I can run the macro, but don’t see that as an ideal situation. I’m hoping if it is on the radar here it might get fixed some time.


Hi, as a test, can you replace the CLICK with XCLICK, does it work then?

Hi replaced it with XCLICK with the same result in that no downloads happened but it looked like it was doing the click like before.
2022-12-08 12_25_11-UI.Vision RPA 8.1.23 - (Tab_ Application Status by Job Open)