Recommended Technical Specifications


The program runs, loops, does all of its stuff.

Problem I’m having is that it hangs. It will run 20-30 loops and freeze up. Sometimes the looping just freezes. Other times the program itself hangs. Yet others it will require a full reboot of the computer itself.

Is there a set of tech specs I should be running at to avoid this, or are there other recommendations to avoid these issues.

Right now I’m running:

Windows 10 (64 bit)

Intel i7-75000U CPU @ 2.7 GHz

8GB ram.


Is this with the seeshell browser or seeshell desktop automation?


This is with the desktop automation.


Is it a known bug?

Is there a workaround or suggestion?

We are currently testing this issue.

If you have the PRO Edition, you can work around this issue easily using the API to automatically close and restart SeeShell if it hangs. This way you can create automation that runs 24/7 without issues.