Receiving email automatically triggers Macro?

Is it possible to start a macro process automatically, without user (me) clicking play, once an email with a certain subject line is received?
For example, when my clients sign something I get an email to my inbox with the subject “Complete: Letter Signed”. Could the moment I receive an email with this subject line be a trigger (automatically, without me pressing play) to play a macro?

If this is not within UI.Vision’s capabilities, is there suggestions for having it interface with another app? I’ve found several that ‘watch’ your emails for you & can start simple macros - but none of them are as robust as UI.Vision so I’m hoping I can have another app trigger the start of UI.Vision based on these criteria if not.

You can use e. g. a Powershell or Python script to check your email, and then run the RPA script via command line. The strength of the UI Vision rpa software is the ease in which you can combine any scripting language with RPA automation.

Or - if you only want to use RPA - you can have the UI Vision software watch your web-based email inbox.

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