Receipt Scanning Question

Hi, I am signed up for your free API service and find it great. I am planning to use it to scan receipts and turn it into an Itemized List. Through using your Online OCR I can get a nicely formatted Output and I was wondering if that program, used to convert the OCR JSON response to that nicely formatted string, was open source or part of the free portion of the app. Thanks! Ben

The text that we display on the online ocr form is directly from the API. It is the “ParsedText” field. (or do you mean something else?)

My apologies. I mean the text section rather than the JSON. In the photo attached, I took a picture and scanned a receipt and the text is nicely formatted.

The table format is also done by the API :slight_smile:

In the OCR API add the isTable = true flag. It triggers the receipt and table scanning logic. More details are available in the receipt scanning flag section of the OCR API documentation

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So I did enable the isTable flag to be true. And in the OCR online it comes back like I did in that photo, where for example the SMKR CREAMY NATURAL is on the same line as the 4.99 price. However in the JSON the “SMKR CREAMY NATURAL” and the “4.99” are not on the same “Line” object. I was just seeing if you had the program that was able to parse the lines objects and recognize that they were similar enough in y position that they belonged on the same line.

There are more error in the scanning, more text will not be recognized

Ahh, I understand now. Sorry, we do not have this. But can you explain why you need this for the JSON? Maybe I can suggest a workaround.