RealUser not installed in Docker-Ubuntu

I follow the next steps for install te xmodules in a Docker based inUbuntu 20.04:

  • && unzip \
  • && cd \
  • && chmod +x ./ \
  • && bash

The script runs correctly and for the RealUser installation the result is Ok:

  • Installing RealUser Simulation XModule…
  • Native messaging host com.a9t9.kantu.xy for CHROME has been installed.
  • Native messaging host com.a9t9.kantu.xy for FIREFOX has been installed.
  • RealUser XModule Simulation installed.

But the XClick command in Firefox (v 83.0) doesn’t works and returns the error “Error #301: RealUser Simulation XModule is not installed”.

If i go to the config plugin (UI.Vision RPA 5.9.5) and select the “Test it” button in the “RealUser XModule” the message is “status updated: not installed”.

The installation of the other 2 modules (FileAccess and DesktopAutomation) is Ok.

I have found the solution. You need to install the library:
apt-get install -y libxtst6