RealIser XModule not installed!

Hello everyone!
I just started searching and learning about rpa and so far i found a software called “UI.Vision RPA” it’s a bit easy to use, really like it so far!
I found a problem with it though, the Xmodule Realuser to be able to use xClick, just can’t install it no matter what i did it still shows not installed the other two modules are installed.
Anyone have this problem or know a solution?
It will be so much helpful.

Windows 10
Keyboard input English
Chrome 91.0.4472.124
UI.Vision RPA 6.2.6
Thank you!

Strange. If you want, please email us at team AT and we can arrange a remote desktop session to investigate this further. In your email, just mention this forum post.

That would be so great, ok i will do that for sure !