Real User XModules doesn't install


I bought a “UI.Vision RPA XModules Personal Edition”.
I already tried to install the “Real User XModule” but it doesn’t work.
I probably think it’s because I use a Linux distribution and it doesn’t install correctly. I followed the steps in the YT-video.
Probably I do something wrong, but I don’t know what.

Please help me!

Hi, what Linux distribution do you use? And what error do you get? Is it an error during installation, or does the RPA software simply not detect the installed modules?

Officially they support Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04.

Hello. The RPA software does not detect the installed modules.

I use Peppermint OS. :smiley:

Please try again with the V2021-2 Linux AppImage. It should fix this issue.

This update adds official OpenSuse 15.2 support. Many (all?) other Linux flavors should work as well now. If you still encounter issues, please let us know.