Reading from Array with correct format


I can’t get variables to convert when using data from an array.

I am using csvReadArray to get the right template to use. Simplified here.

1,“Hello ${user_name} - Please, send me the file. \n\n${file_name}.\n\nAdministrator”
2,“Dear ${user_name} - Your file ${file_name} has been rejected.\n\nAdministrator”

Depending on logic macro sends message number 1 or 2, etc. IRL there are dozens of potential template rows in that array.

I also read use csvReadArray to get ${user_name} and ${file_name} from separate csv files.

I want to ‘type’ the final message to be added to a form.

But instead of seeing

Dear Joe - Your file ‘testing.pdf’ has been rejected.


I see:

Dear ${user_name} - Your file ${file_name} has been rejected.\n\nAdministrator

I used to ‘type’ Dear ${user_name} - Your file ${file_name} has been rejected.\n\nAdministrator in the appropriate ‘target’. But can’t anymore due to the number of potential template messages making the macro excessively long.

I suspect there is a text or string conversion happening when reading from an array that I am not aware of.

Please, help.

Do you have a test macro for us? I guess it is something small, but I need a test macro to debug it.