Read from CSV file and append after processing

I have a spreadsheet that with some columns, for example column A,B,C and D. Except for D, which is empty, all of them have information. They are used by RPA for processing, I mean, the information regarding each column (field) is used as input to certains fields of a web application.
The problem is: after processing all fields of a row this web application generates a value that I need to store in the spreadsheet, in column D. Since this value is unknown before processing, is there a way for me to capture It for each row as they are processed? Can insert this information in this empty column or could join It later?
Does anyone can help with an example?

You can not do this but with a trick you can save a new csv with all data of the first csv and save the new value in this mode you have a new csv with all data.

When you read the first csv you save the value in second csv and after save the new value too (column D).

After you can delete the first csv and rename the second csv that have all data of first csv and the new value for column D.

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I got It! Many thanks!

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