Read CSV that contains " "


Hi I’m trying to make ui vision read this csv file. The output I want is to store the value of 17147073350 & minor separately instead of in one line. When I remove the " ", it works. But when the " " is present, it reads it all in one line. I don’t understand why the " " appears when it is not even in my actual csv file. Is there a way to automatically remove it? Because my macro is supposed to run every 15 minutes, which means downloading the csv every 15 mins, I can’t afford to manually remove the " " myself during the macro run.

Hi, each item must be enclosed separetley in “”. I think you should try to redefine the CSV export.

You should get:
“Key”,“Alarm Status” < Here a MUST because of the SPACE!

Please describe more about your work flow, both before and after your macro run. So we might think of a better idea.