Read csv file to click specific button

i have some column in csv file, and it have value (ex 1,2,3)
if the column value is 1 i want the macro to click button A in a website, then if the value is 2 i want click button B etc
is it posible to read csv file to click specific button

anyone know or even have some information?

yes you can, buy using an If command. Please look it up, right now that’s all I can recommend. I’ll be back when I got more free time.

i will waiting
please help me

something like this but you have to be more specific, because if there is more than like 10 buttons, I need to find another way.

i have some error, already insert some value in csv but still got error

You should check it more carefully

i’m sorry my bad
thank you @kolor_blind it’s work

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