Read CSV data from child macros in parent macros

Hello everyone,

I have a question about the integration of macros IN macros.
I am reading a CSV for uploads and configurations and some of the steps there are heavily interconnected.
Now I would like to outsource each of the steps to a separate macro.
What happens if, for example, the !COL4 is read out in the “intermediate macro”?
Does this “intermediate macro” know that it is in line 10 of the CSV file, for example?
Or does the “intermediate macro” use such information from the “parent macro” from which it was started?
Or do you have to define all variables in this “intermediate macro” again, for example?

The scope of variables in Ui.Vision is as follows:

  • Main macro and subroutines (started via RUN command) are the same program as far as variables scope is concerned. So a variable defined in the main macro is visible in the sub macro, and a variable defined in the sub macro is visible to the main macro, too.

  • This should not be confused with the global variables of Ui.Vision. Global variables are like normal variables plus they survive a macro stop. So they are defined as long as the extension remains open, and can thus be shared between macros running one after another. But you do not need global variables just for sub routines. Here the normal variables are sufficient.

So to answer your questions: