Randon #101 errors and ipcPromise

On version 7.0.14 I’m still getting random 101 errors and now I have this error…

Executing: | open | ${webpage} | |
[error] Line 53: ipcPromise: onAsk timeout 3000 for cmd “PANEL_CALL_PLAY_TAB”, args {“ipcTimeout”:100,“ipcNoLaterThan”:3310716965592,“payload”:{“command”:“HACK_ALERT”,“args”:{}}}
[info] Macro failed (Runtime 255.26s)

I loop the macro indefinitely. Sometimes it’ll go for 16000 seconds before failing.

I seem to have a clear run for a while, then get a series of errors. The errors are always after a selectWindow (tab= or open) or when using an executeScript. It’s hard to say the new versions are helping as the errors are so random, on different tabs and websites. It seems to be a Chrome thing, rather than specific to the website.

I was putting 500ms pauses after every page load / tab change. That seemed to work. But I’d removed them again when a new version came out.

Any suggestions welcome.

Hi, thanks for the report. Do you have a test macro for us? Or does it happen with any macro?

I’ve been getting this message too…
Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist.
When it fails the macro has done one executeScript, then failed on the next executeScript.

Admin: Do you want to message me and I’ll give you the macro and page links so it works for you.

Still getting lots of 101 errors. Every workaround I come up with fails in the end! Very random, and this one now…
return array3D | bf_3Darray |
Line 74: ipcPromise: onAsk timeout 3000 for cmd “PANEL_CALL_PLAY_TAB”, args {“ipcTimeout”:100,“ipcNoLaterThan”:3311931250922,“payload”:{“command”:“SET_STATUS”,“args”:{“status”:“PLAYING”}}}

I suspect the ‘bringBroswertoForeground’ would have fixed these earlier problems.


I think you just saved me after 2 weeks of trial and error, the “bringBrowsertoForeground” seems to have fixed the ipcPromise: onAsk timeout 3000 I was experiencing.
I’ll confirm after further testing but a big thank you.

Also, check out my startup sequence…