Randomly pick an expression from a list


I need to know the exact way to pick a random expression from a list. I’m not very good at code, so could you explain step by step by using the " Command| Target| Value " way (instead of code) please?

Thx for your help and time! :blush:

Hi, what do you mean with “list”? A csv file? Or something on a website?

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Thx for your answer. No. I mean a list which is a variable i introduce in the macro.

But if it can be done with csv file, i’m all ears…

The DemoExecuteScript macro that ships with the RPA software contains such an example:

pick random element from array

Maybe this also helps:

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Thx for your answer. After some troubles, it worked.

Just in case, i’ll explain: “executeScript_sandbox” doesn’t work with array. You have to use “executeScript” instead.


Thx again!