Questions about webpage Chinese crawling(关于网页中文抓取的疑问)


Hello everyone, I am a new user of Ui.Vision. I have some questions about web page text capture and I would like to ask you all.
Recently, due to work reasons, I hope to capture the data of a certain page in the company. But because the webpage is a dynamic webpage, trying to use storeText found that it cannot be located. Later, I came up with an idea: I found that after three clicks on a web page field, the text in the field can be automatically selected, and then copied by keyboard simulation and stored in the csv file. Then the question arises, how to store the characters copied by ctrl+c in csv? How to implement this piece of code? Please give me an idea, thanks.


This value will be inside the ${!clipboard} internal variable.

Thank you for your help, the problem was finally resolved.