Question about if_v2 function

i need to make macro to do(((( if "linktext=any value " Not found start macro from 2nd step of macro and if found countine the macro normally))))

Use gotolabel with if_v2 or split macro in some part and use if_v2 and run (macro with part you need)

Thanks alot for response
I will calify my question
I would like to click on the link text
And if link text not found repeat the macro
How can i do this
Sorry for bothering you

Nees if_v2 and statusok, search in the forum there are a large amount of similar macro

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HYG what i want as searched and i cannot find typically what i need
i would like to make macro if didnot find linktext ( Line number 11) will return to (line number 6)
as every time i putif_v2 it gives me error so how i can do it :(:frowning: :frowning:

Here example to repeat command