Question about an idea


I wanted to ask you if you are currently working or have the idea in the near future to be able to hide the command line and JSON code so that it is not visible.

Unfortunately I cannot use a server, due to IP restrictions on the site where it is used.

I appreciate your time. Thank you.

Hi, can I ask why you want to hide the JSON code?

Hello, thanks for answering.

The reason for hiding the code is due to 2 reasons:

  1. Accidental manipulation: It has happened to me on several occasions that when a user uses the extension, it generates accidental modifications, forcing on several occasions to correct it.

  2. Theft of information: I do not belong to the IT department of my organization; I simply do automations in my functions that facilitate my work and those of my colleagues but, as the extension is known, there are more possibilities that IT or the organization where I implement the idea steal the code, keeping the credit and merit and regardless of my services.

Thanks, I love the extension.