QTranslate "No data returned" issue - HELP!

Hi, I am having problems with the OCR of the QTranslate app (the OCR function is not working). The app says they work with yours servers … could someone help me?

This is what the QTranslate app says to me:

No data returned.

Check API status page https://status.ocr.space

Get free OCR API key:

  1. Register here for your free OCR API key https://eepurl.com/bOLOcf
  2. Save your API key in: Options > Advanced > OCR API key

Thanks for asking. As the status page page shows, our free OCR API servers are currently overloaded. We plan to add more servers in the next days.

The PRO OCR API is not affected by this.

I am running into the same issue. I understand servers costs money, and if there is a semi-pro tier that cost a little less, I think more people would chip in to become a subscriber. 25 per month is a little too steep for casual non-commercial usage