Qr code scan function

I would like to suggest to add qr code scan function to ui vision. Since qr code is very common feature in modern website, adding qr code scanning is essential for ui automation test. Ui vision should be able to identify qr code and return the url for the qr code

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This is a very interesting idea. Do you have an example (e. g. a screenshot) of a website or desktop app that you would automate with this feature? We can use this for testing.

For example of website, please refer to https://qrscanneronline.com/.

https://qrscanneronline.com/ contains a qr code. if ui vision is able to scan the qrcode and return url as internal variable, it would be very helpful for test, as i just need to verify the internal variable to check if the qr code exist and correct for sharing

Built-in QR code reading is now on our todo list. But you can already extract the QR code content by automating a QR code reader extension, e. g. this one (not affiliated with us).

Here is a video on how to automate the extension step by step, including the mistakes I made :wink: :

See also: browser extension automation