Proxy deleted from UI vision extension but still forced to login on chrome

There are no proxies in my extension yet when I launch it in chrome it forced to login to proxies when I don’t want to use them…

Reinstall both UI vision and Xmodule.
You can export all commands and then re import

Do you have a screenshot of the issue? @Muhammad_Bilal 's suggestion will certainly help, but it should not be needed.

It’s really as simple and basic as the explanation I gave.

I put the proxy in the selenium section, then deleted it. But still forces proxy.

Hello. You can create a macro with just “setProxy | direct” and run the macro. It should solve the problem.

Idk what that means I need more details then that, I don’t really want to learn extra shit because the developers are a clueless

Run this, you’ll see it’s not too complicated…